Thursday, August 25, 2011

Carter vs. Carter

I don't know why I'm even bothering discussing this, but this supposed Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne beef already has me tired and I don't know why anyone is insisting on pushing the issue.

It's obvious that whatever issues these two have with each other are personal, based on how veiled the disses they've thrown at each other. If someone didn't point them out I never would have picked up on them on my own.

The issue is made more complicated because the two have so many mutual connections among their camps. Kanye has worked with Wayne, Nicki, and Drake. Drake and Nicki have both worked with Jay and Rihanna. This is not to mention all the other rappers/singers who have worked with both artists before. Whenever two people get into it there is always an implicit expectation that everyone else around them will immediately choose their side...because of all the affiliations this would be a huge mess. There is no clear choice for a winner here because both of them are so huge in rap right now...if anything this would just create another nasty rift like the East Coast/West Coast beef in the 90's, and who really wants that? I think Jay and Wayne both know this and that is why their shots have been subtle.

I say, since it's obvious that they're not really trying to make this beef that public, the rest of us shouldn't either. It's not the first time two people in the industry have disliked each other and it won't be the last, so let them keep that mess behind closed doors unless and until one of them grows the balls to directly call the other out.

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